The Lapland. The sledding husky tour.
Been a dream for years... and another dream come true. G
ood luck to all my dreams and to the dreams of everybody.
This is what I wrote on the page of a notebook placed in a shelter to collect the thoughts of visitors, in that paradise which is the white Lapland. I signed on behalf of myself and Tane, Ushma, Nukio and Urkki, my furry four-legged lapps friends. Experience not easy to describe, so I'll let the pictures and videos speak in my behalf.
Anyway... beautiful. Something really "outside the box". Just something to do and to enjoy. And, above all, to do as we did: whole 5 days with the dogs and sleds, because you can only gradually enter into that dimension and you need time to fully assimilate everything. No hurry. No need to do so many things. Rather feel the pleasure of doing things intensely. Enjoy... Roby






Preparing to leave with huskyes and sledges
Sledging in the sun
A quiet moment with dogs
Crossing another husky team
Sledging over an frozen lake
Sledging in the forest
Snow road sledging
Ice hotel tour