There are two phrases that can describe Vietnam.
The first is: " The Land of Smiles ", the second is: "The amusement land"

The first definition refers of course to the people, better to the relationship that you can establish with them.
When you walk around the streets, you almost get a paresis, because of the smile that you have to constantly maintain over your lips just to reciprocate people that smiles to you.

They are calm, affable, curious.

Sure, there is a component of interest, because of business: we are tourists, we have money to spend and they know that.
But there's more. There is serenity widespreaded. And this is not little thing ...

Amusement land because there is everything you could desire of.
Sun-drenched beaches, fantastic food, charming towns, delicious ladies, coves and enchanting landscapes...
Just think about the Mekong delta ... I'd like to get up tomorrow morning and find myself having a ride on a boat and visit again the coconuts candy factory ! :-)

In addition, you are "Scrooge McDuck" there. A gorgeous dinner of fish, seafood and lobsters, just to give an example, hardly costs more than 6-7 Euro.

And this is definitely good news !

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