Very complex sensations those you get from a trip to Mali .
Difficult to understand and to explain.

Liked the Mali ?
How can you answer a question like that ? There is no answer...

Liked ? Sure. But that's not the main point.

Sensations starts weeks later, with the assimilation of what you saw.
The rejoice of what you felt in those days.

A trip to Mali is "heavy" from a physical point of view and "heavy" from a mental point of view.
Superb but heavy. Challenging. Mindfulness there.
Acquire and try to record everything is difficult for our mind that is not used to elaborate so many new things that pass through the eyes and all the other senses.

I think traveling is a method of meditation pretty intense .

What the Buddhists call the "presence". The awareness of the moment.
You do not have time to think much during such a trip in a place so different from those you are used to.
The whole mind is given to awareness: trying to see and assimilate.
Trying to not miss anything .

There will be time, later on, to make all the connections, to link images to thoughts, concepts to emotions.
Everything will happen automatically, without conscious effort.
The journey, the experience, the growth. All will take shape spontaneously.

It is an amazing process. Fascinating.
01 - Bamako. Punto G
02 - Tamburo da ascella
03 - Mattino a Segou
04 - Mercato di Djenne
05 - Moschea di Djenne
06 - Piazzale moschea di Djenne
07 - Telý. Luogo delle cisconcisioni
08 - Telý. Danze di bambini
09 - Pestatura del miglio
10 - Telý
11 - Bandiagara al mattino
12 - Pays Dogon. Strada 1
13 - Pays Dogon. Strada 2
14 - Pays Dogon. Strada 3
15 - Sanga (Altopiano di Ogol)
16 - Sulla falesia
17 - TogunÓ
18 - Verso la piana
19 - Pays Dogon. Piana 1.mp4
20 - Pays Dogon. Strada 4.mp4
21 - Pays Dogon. Piana 2.mp4
22 - Pays Dogon. Villaggio.mp4
23 - Niger river 1.mp4
24 - Niger river 2.mp4
25 - Niger river 3.mp4
26 - Mopti
27 - Douentza - Villaggio.mp4
28 - Visita alla scuola.mp4
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