Laos & C 2015 A "second level" tour, advanced intermediate ;-)
Cool backpackers places (expecialli 4000 island) and big emotions around Isaan, southern Laos and Cambodia, with some relaxing nature in Koh Sameth beaches
  Indonesia 2014 Another interesting place. Gorgeous and impressive nature (ex: Bromo vulcano), great archeological sites (ex: jojakarta) and interesting cultural heritages (ex: Bali).
Next time: Flores and Sulawesi still missing.
  Philippines 2014 ... and by the way, this is a native Ifugao man out for a walk ! :-)
I really love Philippines. Nice and quiet place. Nice and friendly people.
Here you'll find mainly North Luzon area (rice terraces) and Palawan Island.
Missing many places in central and south eastern Philppines. But no problem.
I know that i will go back there soon because I really love Philippines.
  Isaan 2014 Ohhh... yes. Let's go deeper in Thailand. Not only Isaan.
Also going to Da Endorphine concert has been "go deeper".
Emotional. Really emotional tour and good times. And I mean it.
  Cuba and Dominican Republic
An incredible immersion into another world: Cuba. Very similar to our culture yet so far away. Charming Havana. Beautiful colonial cities and beautiful beaches. Dominican Republic... yet another place to live it up!
A fascinating journey through Malaysia's southwest. From Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands. Then enjoy and relax on the beaches of Penang and Langkawi islands
  Hong Kong
A Journey to Hong Kong, its skyscrapers and monuments.
After HK we will then visit the fascinating northeastern parts of Thailand and the Golden Triangle area
  Mexico, Guatemala and Belize
A trip through the most important and fascinating Mexican archaeological sites of Aztec and Mayan culture. We'll also see the natural beauty of Guatemala and the kindness of the people there, without forgetting to relax a bit on the beaches of Belize
2012 (May)
Some other beautiful places in Thailand. The island of Samui, the temple of truth.
The elephants show and a glance on how Thai see the "outside" world (Mini Siam resort)
2012 (January)
The Thailand's most fascinating areas in the northwest, from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son province. Tiger trip in Khanchanaburi
South India.

From Tamil Nadu to Kerala. We'll be surrounded by the more spiritual and colorful India

Asia at its best. Gorgeousness. Contradictions. Poverty. Wealth. Tradition. Beauty.
Laos. Green and orange. Palms and Monks. Mekong river at its best.

Cambodia. The magnificence of Angkor. The paradise of Sihanoukville
Tane, Ushma, Nukio e Urkki welcome you to the Laplands !
  Viet Nam 2008 Pictures of the summer trip to Viet Nam

The Land of smiles. The land of amusement

  Mali 2008 It is really difficult to describe Mali.

A trip there gives a lot of emotion to the traveller and leaves something quite  indecipherable in the soul...

  India 2007 My first trip in India. Another place everybody definitely cannot miss..
In Rajasthan for viewing it. In Utthar Pradesh for feeling it.
In Pushkar and Varanasi to stay there at least one month.
HARE KRISHNA ... and a friendly handshake to the trunk of Ganesh ...
  Oman 2006 Oman: the "Switzerland of the Arab countries."
They have nice beaches. They have a nice climate. They live in a nice place.
  Provenza & Camargue 2006 A little closer than usual but... why not?
In spite of all the things I say against the French in the show "ESOTERISMO TURIN AND MYSTERY", I have to admit that they have a beautiful land.
(I wonder why then "a venžu si a rumpi i ciap!") :-)
  Yemen 2006 Yemen ... there is nothing you can say that can explain the emotion and beauty.
Try to look at the pictures. I did my best but they are very little thing...
  Syria - Jordan - Egypt - Lebanon 2005 About Syria I already told. Never been to Jordan? Never been to Petra?
Never breathed the colors of the desert of Wadi?
I remind you that you only live once. Up to you...
  Siria 2005 Syria is the Umayyad Mosque. Syria is to understand that the Euphrates river (you studied in the elementary class) really exists.
Syria is culture. Syria is history. Syria Ebla. Syria is Palmyra. Syria is.
( SYRIA WAS :-( )
  Morocco 2004 Morocco is amazing. Dunes and rock arches thrown into the sea. Endless desert. Mountains of the most intense colors. Variety.
... and you won't understand how do you managed to never eat a tagine before ...
  U.S.A. 1992 1992 was a lifetime ago'. But this was the first "real" TRAVEL.
The journey that leads you to travel forever.
You will not be able to live without traveling